AdminKit - A modern Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template

AdminKit - A modern Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Template

Hello Coders,

This article is about a new and modern Bootstrap 5 dashboard crafted and released for free by The product can be downloaded directly from Github and the permissive (MIT) License permits the usage for hobby & commercial projects.

Thanks for reading! The content is provided by AppSeed, a platform used by many developers across the globe.  
  • AdminKit - product page
  • AdminKit PRO - the premium version (more components, pages and PREMIUM support)

For Python users, this modern Bootstrap 5 design has been migrated to Django and Flask by AppSeed and released under the MIT License:

Coded versions comes with database, basic modules, authentication, deployment scripts and LIVE Support via Discord - 24/7 LIVE Service.

AdminKit - Open-Source Bootstrap 5 Dashboard

What's in the Box

Vendor Notes - A professional package that comes with hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts, pages and icons. Built on top of Bootstrap 5.

Built with Bootstrap 5 - Built on top of the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and HTML5, which means - robust, responsive and easy to customize.  

The project comes with nice tooling (Webpack) and the sources can be compiled in any workstation with just a few commands typed in the terminal. Before trying this, please make sure the workstation has a decent Nodejs version ( >= 10.x ) and GIT.

#1 - Clone/download the sources from the official repository

$ git clone
$ cd adminkit

#2 - Install modules (via Yarn)

$ yarn 
$ # Same thing using npm
$ npm install 

#3 - Start project for development

$ # LIVE reload and uncompressed CSS, JS
$ yarn start
$ # Now we can visit the template: http://localhost:8080

AdminKit comes with a rich UI Kit and pre-built pages (login and registration included).

AdminKit - Main Dashboard Screen
AdminKit - Main Dashboard Page

AdminKit - UI Kit
AdminKit - UI Alerts

AdminKit - Google Maps Page
AdminKit - Google Maps

Thank you! For more resources please access:
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