CoreUI - Free Flask Dashboard

CoreUI - Free Flask Dashboard

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This article presents a simple, open-source Flask starter built on top of CoreUI a modern material-based design. The product, generated by AppSeed, can be downloaded directly from Github and used for free in hobby and commercial projects. For newcomers, CoreUI is a free Bootstrap dashboard template actively supported and versioned by CoreUI agency aith more than 10k stars on Github.

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CoreUI - Free Bootstrap Template

CoreUI Design Features

This modern UI provides modern widgets, a beautiful typography and a rich UI set even in the FREE version. Here is a short list with features that makes CoreUI an unique project:

Bootstrap Based - CoreUI Admin Panel is 100% compatible with Bootstrap, so if you are familiar with Bootstrap but you demand something more than it provides, then CoreUI Admin Panel is an answer.

Responsive, Cross-Browser Compatibility - CoreUI's responsive components save you let you save thousands of dollars on cross browsers tests.

CoreUI - Widgets Page
CoreUI - Widgets Page

CoreUI - Login Page
CoreUI - Login Page

Core UI - More Widgets
CoreUI - More Widgets

CoreUI - Flask Codebase

The project can be compiled and started locally with ease. We need a properly set up Python3 environment and (optionally) GIT versioning command tool to be accessible in the terminal.   The set up, extracted from the README file consist in three simple  steps:

1# - Clone/download the sources

$ # Get the code
$ git clone
$ cd flask-dashboard-coreui

2# - Install modules (aka dependencies)

$ # Virtualenv modules installation (Unix based systems)
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ # Install modules - SQLite Database
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

3# - Set up environment and start CoreUI Flask

$ # Set the FLASK_APP environment variable
$ export
$ # Start the application (development mode)
$ flask run
$ # Access the dashboard in browser:

Once the application is accessible in the browser, we need to create a new user and register - there is no default user provided in the initial set up.

App Features:
  • DBMS: SQLite, PostgreSQL (production)
  • DB Tools: SQLAlchemy ORM, Alembic (schema migrations)
  • Modular design with Blueprints, simple codebase
  • Session-Based authentication (via flask_login), Forms validation
  • Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx, Heroku

The project can be deployed on HEROKU, and also started inside a Docker container.

Thanks for reading! For more resources, please access:
  • CoreUI Flask - the product page
  • CoreUI Django - open-source Django starter generated by AppSeed with simple features, database, UI-ready, deployable in minutes.
CoreUI - Django Version (free product)
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