Flask Dashboard SRTDash

Flask Dashboard SRTDash


This article presents a simple Flask Dashboard starter generated by the AppSeed platform on top of SRTDash, a well-known free dashboard design crafted by BootstrapDash. For newcomers, Srtdash is a free Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template. It is a perfect match for the website admin and web-apps. Srtdash has a modern design with a beautiful, clean and minimal look.

The Flask codebase provides a database, ORM, and a tested codebase out-of-the-box, and might help beginners (and not only) to start faster a admin dashboard in Flask.

Thanks for reading! The relevant links are below
Flask Dashboard - SRTDash Design (Free version).

This super simple Flask Dashboard is provided with a basic set of features and deployment scripts for some well-known platforms and configurations: Docker, HEROKU, Gunicorn/Nginx stack - Full app features (extracted from README file):

  • Modular design with Blueprints
  • SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy ORM
  • Alembic (DB schema migrations)
  • Session-Based authentication (via flask_login)
  • Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx

The logical further step is to learn how to build the project using the sources and a local workstation.


To use the stater, Python3 should be installed properly in the workstation. If you are not sure if Python is properly installed, please open a terminal and type python --version. The full-list with dependencies and tools required to build the app:

  • Python3 - the programming language used to code the app
  • GIT - used to clone the source code from the Github repository
  • Basic development tools (g++ compiler, python development libraries ..etc) used by Python to compile the app dependencies in your environment.

For more information on how to set up your environment please access the resources listed below.

Build the app

To built and start the app locally, follow the steps:

Get the source code

  • Download the ZIP from Github Repository
  • Using GIT tool in the terminal to clone the source code

Change the current directory to source code directory

$ # Make sure you are running the commands INSIDE source code directory
$ # Create and activate a Virtualenv (Unix based systems)
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ # Install requirements
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ # Set the FLASK_APP environment variable
$ export FLASK_APP=run.py
$ # Run the application
$ flask run
$ # Access the app in browser:

At this point, we can visit the app in the browser By default, the app will redirect guest users to the login page. To access the private pages:

  • Create a new user using the registration page
  • Authenticate using the login page

App Codebase (simplified)

   |-- app/                      # Implements app logic
   |    |-- base/                # Base Blueprint - handles the authentication
   |    |-- home/                # Home Blueprint - serve UI Kit pages
   |    |
   |   __init__.py               # Initialize the app
   |-- requirements.txt          # Development modules - SQLite storage
   |-- requirements-mysql.txt    # Production modules  - Mysql DMBS
   |-- requirements-pqsql.txt    # Production modules  - PostgreSql DMBS
   |-- .env                      # Inject Configuration via Environment
   |-- config.py                 # Set up the app
   |-- run.py                    # Start the app - WSGI gateway
   |-- ************************************************************************

Flask SRTDash - App Screens

Srtdash comes with amazing features and assets. Bar, line, pie charts are integrated with Srtdash. Moreover, It contains lots of reusable UI components and plugins. Grid system, drop-down, accordions, list groups, modal, form are some significant components. Easy to customize and well-commented codes are in the bundle to make alteration smooth.

Flask SRTDash - Dashboard Widgets
Flask Dashboard - SRTDash Design, App Widgets.

Flask SRTDash - Line Charts
Flask Dashboard - SRTDash Design, Line Charts.

Flask SRTDash - Invoice page
Flask Dashboard - SRTDash Design, Invoice page.

Flask SRTDash - Login page
Flask Dashboard - SRTDash, Login page.

Thanks for reading! For more free starters, feel free to access the AppSeed dashboard.

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