Free Flask Dashboard - MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite

Free Flask Dashboard - MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite


This article presents a new freebie released by the AppSeed plaform in Flask on top of MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite, a popular design from WrapPixel - Flask Material Lite. The seed project is provided with basic modules (database, authentication) and deployment scripts and the permissive (MIT) license allows unlimited copies for hobby & commercial projects.

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Flask Material Lite - Animated Presentation.

MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite

The design comes with a material-based layout, components and a few pre-built pages:

  • (Main) Dashboard pages provided with some really nice widgets
  • User Profile Page that has a left card and properties on the right
  • Material Icons sample, Google Maps page
  • Error 404 page.
  • Other pages added by AppSeed: Login, Register and Error pages for 403/500 codes.

The official product info - WrapPixel's MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite is one of the best Bootstrap templates for admin dashboards and control admin panels. This powerful and competent Bootstrap 4 admin template is based on HTML and is built with the CSS framework. Inspired by Google Material design principles and integrated with the essential Bootstrap components and UI elements, the all-new and comprehensive MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite from WrapPixel has a lot to offer to you.

If you're looking to download Bootstrap templates free, then you can check out MaterialPro Bootstrap Lite from WrapPixel. It's an efficient and immensely responsive Bootstrap material design admin template free that uses myriad of essential Bootstrap components in its preset design patterns to construct a reliable and consistent design for web apps user interface.

Main Dashboard page
Flask Material Lite - Dashboard Page.

Flask Material Lite - User Profile Page.

Flask Codebase

The codebase provides a short-list with features like session-based authentication, dual set up database (SQLite, PostgreSql), ORM, Blueprints and deployment scripts for Docker, HEROKU and Gunicorn/Nginx stack.

The product is documented and quite ease to set up locally, being a simple starter. To start using it, the README file might be a good starting point.

Starter codebase is a simple one, that uses Blueprints to have a modular design easy to maintain and update.

   |-- app/                      # Implements app logic
   |    |-- base/                # Base Blueprint - handles the authentication
   |    |-- home/                # Home Blueprint - serve UI Kit pages
   |    |
   |               # Initialize the app
   |-- requirements.txt          # Development modules - SQLite storage
   |-- requirements-mysql.txt    # Production modules  - Mysql DMBS
   |-- requirements-pqsql.txt    # Production modules  - PostgreSql DMBS
   |-- .env                      # Inject Configuration via Environment
   |--                 # Set up the app
   |--                    # Start the app - WSGI gateway
   |-- ********************************************************

App Features (extracted from the README file)

  • DBMS: SQLite, PostgreSQL (production)
  • DB Tools: SQLAlchemy ORM, Alembic (schema migrations)
  • Modular design with Blueprints
  • Session-Based authentication (via flask_login), Forms validation
  • Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn / Nginx, Heroku

For help and LIVE assistance please access the product page or join the Discord server for support - 24/7 LIVE Service.

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Flask Material PRO WPX - Dashboard Screen.
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