MaterialPro Admin - By WrapPixel

MaterialPro Admin - By WrapPixel


This article presents a premium bootstrap material design template designed by WrapPixel - MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin. Based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework and inspired by Google’s material design, the MaterialPro Bootstrap Admin template is bundled with multiple third-party plugins that make it an excellent standalone solution. MaterialPro Admin has a RTL version, Dark and Light themes, 5 unique demo's and other features that make this product a good choice for your next product.

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MaterialPro Admin - A premium Bootstrap 4 Template.

Material Pro Bootstrap Admin dashboard is versatile, user-friendly and has a clean code structure that optimizes the development cost and time. The smoothness and efficiency in using a customizable admin dashboard are felt with the reliable design inspiration by Google’s material design.

This premium material admin dashboard has stupendous look and vibrancy with its ready-to-use components. Interestingly, this admin template can be used to create CRM admin panels, Sales dashboard, Analytical Admin dashboards, Performance-based admin dashboards, marketing dashboards and many others.

Product Highlights

  • RTL Dashboard version, Dark and light sidebar themes
  • 5 unique demos, Megamenu
  • 3000+ Font icons, Validation forms
  • Charts & tables, Application Designs

Product Screens  

MaterialPro Admin - Calendar Page.

MaterialPro Admin - Widgets Page

MaterialPro Admin - WIdgets Page.

MaterialPro Admin - Charts Page

MaterialPro Admin - Charts Page.

MaterialPro Admin - Flask version

Flask version of this popular design is provided with a basic set of features like authentication, database, modular design and deployment scripts for popular technologies like Docker, HEROKU and Gunicorn. Product comes with other assets like 24/7 LIVE support and lifetime updates - For more information please access the links:

MaterialPro Admin - Flask Version.

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