React Dashboard - Material Admin

React Dashboard - Material Admin


This article presents an open-source and free React Dashboard crafted by Flatlogic agency using a lightweight Material UI Kit. Product can be downloaded directly from Github under the MIT License that permits unlimited copies for hobby & commercial projects.

This react template will be a great start to built a front-end for SAAS,  E-Commerce, IoT dashboard or whatever web app you like. We are going to  keep it updated and provide more and more components for both free and  premium versions.

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React Dashboard - Material Template.

Quick Start

The app can be easily compiled (requires Nodejs) with just a few commands typed in the terminal.

#1 - Get the source code

You can start by cloning the latest version of React Dashboard on your local machine by running:

$ git clone MyApp
$ cd MyApp

#2 - Install modules (via Yarn)

This will install both run-time project dependencies and developer tools listed in package.json file.

$ # Install dependencies
$ yarn  

#3 - Start App in Development Mode

$ yarn start

If all goes well, we can visit the app in the browser on address localhost:3000

React Dashboard  - Widgets Page

React Dashboard - Widgets Page

React Dashboard  - UI Charts

React Dashboard - Charts Page

Want more? GO Premium with Material Dashboard PRO React from Creative-Tim

Material Dashboard PRO React is a Premium Material-UI@4.1.0  Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. We  are very excited to introduce our take on the material concepts through  an easy to use and beautiful set of components. Material Dashboard PRO  React was built over the popular Material-UI framework.  

Material Dashboard PRO React makes use of  light, surface and movement. The general layout resembles sheets of  paper following multiple different layers, so that the depth and order  is obvious. The navigation stays mainly on the left sidebar and the  content is on the right.

Material Dashboard PRO - Creative-Tim.
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