React Dashboard Material Admin


React Dashboard Material Admin is an admin panel template built with Material-UI framework, coded entirely in React (no jQuery or Bootstrap dependency). The design is delivered with a few sample pages: main dashboard page, login, registration, typography and a minimum set of UI elements.

React Dashboard Material Admin - Gif animated intro.

How to use it

React Dashboard Material Admin can be a good source to learn React and basic coding, but in the same time we can use it as a React boilerplate for a real admin dashboard application, used in production.

In order to understand the code and use the app, we need at least a basic knowledge about Javascript, React and command line tools (yarn, node, npm). To build this admin dashboard we need to follow the intructions, provided by the publisher in the README file. In case you want to build the app, without leavind this page, please follow the steps:

$ git clone
$ cd react-material-admin 
$ yarn 
$ yarn start # live edit
$ yarn build # production build

The app is well organized, and the source code is clean and well documented. React Dashboard Material Admin was successfully built on two environments (x64 Win10, and Ubuntu 18.04) without issues or workarounds.


By Sm0ke <('_')> #automation geek.
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