Volt Bootstrap 5 Dashboard - Seed Projects to start fast

Volt Bootstrap 5 Dashboard - Seed Projects to start fast

Hello Coders,

This article presents a short-list with seed projects generated by the AppSeed platform on top of Volt Dashboard,  a modern Bootstrap 5 design crafted by Themesberg. The free versions can be downloaded directly from Github under MIT License and used for unlimited hobby & commercial projects. Thank you!

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Volt Bootstrap 5 - Free Admin Dashboard. 

Volt Dashboard

Volt is a Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 100 components, 11 example pages and 3 plugins with Vanilla JS. Volt is built using the latest version of Bootstrap 5 and because jQuery is no longer required as a dependency, Volt has been built using only Vanilla JS.

100+ Components - There are more than 100 free Bootstrap 5 components included some of them being buttons, alerts, modals, datepickers and so on. Check out the components on the official documentation.

11 Example Pages - Volt brings 11 example pages including an overview, sign in, sign up, transactions page and many more.

3 Lightweight Plugins - There are 3 lightweight and Vanilla JS plugins that come with Volt, namely a date picker, notification and charts library.

Volt Dashboard - Product Page Screen.

The coded versions provided by AppSeed are generated on top of this UI Kit using an automated workflow presented in many articles across the web. Curios minds might read more about AppSeed internal workflow by accessing this popular article published on Dev:

I’ve built 300+ open-source projects with automation tools

In a few sentences, the apps are generated using a two-steps workflow:

  • Design is parsed and transformed from HTML to Jinja, a modern template system
  • The development-ready design is injected in pre-built seed projects already coded with database, ORM, helpers and deployment scripts.

Using this workflow all apps presented in this article are using an identical set of features tested and development ready to be used in real commercial projects. Let's start with our list, FREE projects first.

Flask Dashboard Volt

Open-Source Flask Dashboard coded with basic modules, database, ORM and deployment scripts on top of Volt Dashboard (free version), a modern Bootstrap dashboard design.

Volt Dashboard - Flask Version.

Django Dashboard Volt

Simple Django seed project generated with SQLite database, modular codebase, and deployment scripts for Docker and Gunicorn/Nginx stack.

Volt Dashboard - Django Version

Jinja Template Volt

The codebase is basically a simple Flask starter without a database or hard dependencies. The template can be used for UI integration into legacy Python-based products. Codebase can be used also for rapid prototyping in Flask of an MVP or Demo project.

Volt Dashboard - Jinja Version

The premium versions are provided with same features (database, authentication, deployment) but using the premium UI Kit of Volt.

Volt Dashbord PRO - Premium Bootstrap 5

Volt Pro is a premium Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 800 components, 20 example pages and 10 fully customized plugin written in Vanilla Javascript.

800+ Components - There are more than 800 premium Bootstrap 5 components included with the admin dashboard, some of which are buttons, forms, alerts, datepickers, range sliders and many more. Check out the components on the official documentation.

20 Example Pages - Volt Pro comes with 20 example pages including the overview page, messages, user settings, transactions, calendar, sign in, sign up, and many more pages.

10 Lightweight Plugins - There are at least 10 lightweight Vanilla JS plugin libraries that we have customized and expanded in terms of features that you can use for your application. Some of these are a calendar, SVG maps, datepickers, notifications, drag and drop file uploads and many more.

Premium Starters provided on top of Volt PRO
Volt Dashboard PRO - Widgets Screen.

Volt Dashboard PRO - Calendar Page

Volt Dashboard PRO - Calendar Page.

Thanks for Reading! For support or more starters please access:
  • AppSeed - a platform used by 2k+ developers across the globe
  • What is Flask - learn more about this Framework
  • Get support via Discord from AppSeed core team
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