Windmill - Open-source React Dashboard

Windmill -  Open-source React Dashboard

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This article presents an open-source accessibility-first React Dashboard available for download from the official product page (no account required). Windmill Dashboard comes with a blazing fast UI styled with Tailwind, PWA support and integrations for Charts.js and Heroicons.  For newcomers, React is an open-source library for coding UI interfaces actively versioned and supported by Facebook.

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React Dashboard - Windmill (Free Product).

Product Description

Windmill Dashboard is not a lifeless template. This is a complete application, built on top of  React, with all tiny details taken care of so you just need to bring the data to feed it.

Accessibility-first -  the product was developed listening to real screen readers, focus traps and keyboard navigation are available everywhere.

UI Kit - Windmill Dashboard React is built on top of Windmill React UI - open-source component library based on Tailwind CSS.


Product Features

  • 🦮 Throughly accessible (developed using screen readers)
  • 🌗 Dark theme enabled (load even different images based on theme)
  • 🧩 Multiple (custom) components
  • ⚡ Code splitting
  • UI: Tailwind CSS, Windmill React UI (components library)
  • Routes coded on top of React Router
  • Plugins: Heroicons, Chart.js
  • PWA-ready: delivering offline-first and app-like experience

Windmill React - Product Page

React Dashboard - Windmill (Product Page)

Windmill React - UI Cards
React Dashboard - Windmill Cards

Windmill React - Dark Mode On
React Dashboard - Windmill Dark Mode

Windmill React - Login Page
React Dashboard - Windmill Login Page

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